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The Scillonian III:

The Scillonian III sails daily (except Sunday) from Penzance to St.Mary’s. This is the cheapest method of travel, though the journey time is around two and a half hours and can be taxing on the weaker stomach!



Skybus flights are available from Lands End, Newquay Cornwall and Exeter. You can obtain flight information and fares from their website


Tresco Boats:

Once you arrive on St.Mary’s you will need to get a connecting boat to Bryher.  If possible try to fit in with scheduled boating to avoid a "special" in the busier months Firethorn usually does the short trip from St Mary's at around 12.30 and 4.00 (depending on tides) DO CHECK


Phone: 01720 423373 email:


Fares for 2017 are St.Mary’s £4.80, (Special £50) Tresco to Bryher £3.50. These are all one way trips. Please check their website for most recent prices


Special boats after 6pm and before 8am are slightly more expensive.

A peaceful and picturesque beach side holiday cottage awaits you and your family on Bryher.

Rushy Bay, Bryher

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Address: Harbour View and Fraggle Rock, Bryher, Isles Of Scilly, TR23 0PR.         Tel: 01720 422222          Email:

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